We at Born Midwives have compiled these resources to assist you in your research and planning before, during and after your pregnancy. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you notice any of the links or videos aren’t working.

Client Information


General Information

How and When to Page

Privacy Statement

How Our Practice Works: Informed Choice Agreement

About Midwifery- College of Midwives

Information for Clients about Students

When Midwives have to Consult or Transfer Care to a Physician

Safe Medications in Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding Pocket-Guide

Herbals in Pregnancy- What’s Safe and What Isn’t

Sex and Pregnancy




Exercise Readiness Assessment Form: Pregnancy

Hospital Registration Form: Please complete and return to you midwife by 24 weeks (for planned home and hospital births)

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale- Please complete page 1 and bring to your midwife in early pregnancy

Fetal Kick Count Monitoring Form

Birth Plan Brainstorming



Discomforts of Pregnancy

Nausea and Vomiting

Headaches- Alternatives to Tylenol

Round Ligament Pain and Belly Bands

Muscle Cramps (calf, foot)



Weight Gain, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise

Health Eating- Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Eat Right Ontario- Diet in Pregnancy

Fish and Omega Fatty Acids in Pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy- Public Health

Substance Use (alcohol, drugs) in Pregnancy

Guide to Exercise in Pregnancy

Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Weight Gain Calculator

Vitamin D and Why it’s SO Important and This One

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium


Mental Health

Mental Health in Pregnancy

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario



Common Tests In Pregnancy

Guide to Common Prenatal Tests


HIV Testing- SOGC

Genetic Screening for Your Baby

Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Screening (NIPT/NIPS)

Urine Tests in Pregnancy

Instructions for Fasting Blood Tests

Instructions for Midstream Urine Collection

Pap Testing- SOGC

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) AOM


GBS- Dr. Aviva Romm



Prenatal Classes

Belly Buttons

Tummies to Toes

Conestoga College

Perfectly Natural – Hypnobirthing

Public Health– FREE ONLINE course

Me Breastfeed?

Growing Healthy Two-gether – Free Prenatal Classes



Choice of Birthplace and Birth Preparation

Hospital Birth General

What to Pack for the Hospital

Home Birth General

Homebirth Supplies and Considerations

Water Birth

Birth Pool Set-up Instructions

Normal Childbirth-SOGC

Common Assessments in Labour

Induction of Labour- When Your Pregnancy Goes Past Your Due Date

Pregnancy and Induction at and Beyond Age 40

Pharmacological Pain Relief  Methods

Non-Pharmacological Pain Relief  Methods


Vaccinations in Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

General Vaccination Information

Tdap and Whooping Cough Prevention

Vaccine Safety





Complications and Emergencies in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Preterm Labour

Preterm Labour Signs and Symptoms

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Emergencies in Childbirth

Assisted Vaginal Birth- Forceps and Vacuum





What’s normal and when to page- Moms

What’s normal and when to page- Babies

Vitamin D for Your Baby

Normal Newborn Behaviour

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Formula Feeding Your Baby

Dr. Jack Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

La Leche League

Infant Feeding Action Coalition Canada

Breastfeeding Information Pamphlets and Resources (Best Start)

Biological Nursing (Laid back nursing)

Newborn Poop Chart

Free Baby Box and Infant Safety information

Professional Organizations

College of Midwives of Ontario
Association of Ontario Midwives
Canadian Association of Midwives
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC)
Canadian Paediatric Society
Waterloo Public Health
Best Start
Langs Farm
Service Ontario– Register your baby’s birth
Healthy Babies, Healthy  Children



Substance Use in Pregnancy

Cannabis Use in Pregnancy

Smoking Cessation Support

Quit Day- Smoking Cessation Support 



Healthcare Resources

Walk-in clinics

How to find a family doctor in Cambridge

Sexual Health



Social Assistance- Dial the 211 hotline (24/7) or visit the following websites

Application for Social Assistance

Cambridge Self-help Food-bank

Ontario Works

Childcare Subsidy

Kids Can Play

Financial Aid in Waterloo Region

Family Counseling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries (Abuse Support)

Sexual Assault Support Centre

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Regio


Cambridge Family Early Years Center


Newcomers to Canada  

Immigration Waterloo Region – Belong

 Citizenship and Immigration Canada

YMCA Immigrant Services


Teens and Youth 

Pregnancy Resource Centre

Prenatal Classes for Youth – Free

Monica Place – Housing and support for pregnant and parenting youth age 12-24

TOLAC- Trial of Labour after Previous Cesarian Section (aka. VBAC)

Decision Making Tool-AOM: “Thinking About VBAC: Deciding What’s Right for Me”

Information on Risk-UBC: “Birth After Cesarean Information and Options”

Society of Obs and Gyne of Canada: “VBAC Information Sheet”



Loss and Bereavement 

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network

The Coping Centre 

Bereavement Ontario Network

Hospice Waterloo Region




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