Bev Langlois

Midwifery for me was an idea born a long time ago that grew as my daughter aged. I worked in IT and Project Management for J.M. Schneider then Maple Leaf and that career grew the analytical side of me, allowed me some travel but most of all I was able to be at every school recital, play, trip, and work from home when the need arose. Then the pull was too great-I needed to follow a dream of university and a healthcare career that was women-centred and empowering. I chose Laurentian University because of the surrounding forests and lakes and the grass roots feel to the program. I had the most amazing classmates and am grateful they are still in my life. I worked in Cambridge then Guelph and am happy to be back home in Cambridge again.  I have been blessed to also work in Nunavik, Haiti and most recently East Africa. I’ve come to truly appreciate the unique care midwives are able to provide to women and families.