Contact Born Midwives

Our midwives are available for urgent concerns and for clients in labour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When a midwife is off call or is on vacation, another midwife on the team will act in her place.

Phone: (519) 267-7266
Fax: (519) 267-7262

Clinic Hours
Monday to Thursday
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday to Sunday, we are closed

Main Clinic Location
765 Coronation Blvd, Unit C1, Cambridge, Ontario. Our clinic is adjacent to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

We are accessible on the main floor of our building, allowing for wheelchair and stroller access.

The clinic is within walking distance of several city bus routes. If you struggle with the cost to get to us, ask reception, and we will be happy to provide 2 bus tickets at each appointment.

Parking is free. Please request a free parking token from our reception or your midwife.

Client’s Only Emergency Pager:

Important: Please note that our pager is only to be used by clients with urgent concerns or when in labour. Your page will not be returned if you are not a client of Born Midwives. If you have not yet had your first appointment with your midwife, please call your family doctor/nurse practitioner/urgent care clinic/ or emergency department with urgent concerns.

When to Page:
We initially provide you with a list of emergencies that you would page your midwife during pregnancy. If your question is non-urgent, please contact our office directly. Your midwife will get back to you as soon as possible, usually the same day or within 24-48 hours. You should contact your midwife when labour has begun (we will review what to look for when in labour). Once your labour becomes active, your midwife will meet you at the hospital or come to your home if you are planning to give birth at home.

Main Clinic
Coronation Medical Centre
765 Coronation Blvd, Unit C1
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 0B6

Ayr Satellite Clinic
North Dumfries Community Health Centre
2958 Greenfield Road
Ayr ON, N0B 1E0